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Programmer: an organism that turns coffee into software


Is most of the programmer addicted to coffee? Well i’m one of that species who addicted to coffee, even before i become programmer. After become a programmer i realize most of the programmer drink more coffee than any other professional.

But how many these programmers are good coffee maker? I always hear my CTO complaint about his coffee

every time i make coffee , its either too sweet or too bitter

Well its always happen to me!! Usually there 3 in 1 instant coffee in my company pantry but when these 3 in 1 coffee finish we forced to make our own coffee which means you need mix the right amount of coffee powder , sugar and creamer.

Most of the time i ended up very very sweet coffee 🙁 , especially in this last few weeks. I was asking myself, is most of the programmer are bad coffee maker ? I have heard and come across many quotes that mention about programmers and their addiction to coffee like this post title. Code Project regard coffee as every developers best friend. There is other quotes that map coders to coffee , below are list of few quotes i came across.

Instant programmer just add coffee

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Are you coder who addicted to coffee?